Season near to start

Season near to start

Season near to start

Red Lychee’s harvest is near to start. At the orchard it is possible to see a few changes in September for example it was possible to see lots of flowers at the orchard, the bees were pollinating and now it is easy to find the fruit already developed. Lychee flowers are small, white, green and yellow and it has a distinct small when the orchard is 100% flowery. Inflorescence happens in panicles that are produced in the new branches, the panicle has 10 to 40 cm.

When flowering lychees are able to produce three types of flowers, one of the has female functionality and two of them male functionality, flowers with the first type of the male functionality does not have eggs, flowers with female are hermaphrodites and the second type of the flowers with male functionality does not have their eggs developed and are rudimentary.

Lychees take between 80 to 112 days to mature, starting to count when the flower is open.

Talking about pollination is very interesting is the fact that bees use their body to collect pollen when landing from flower to flower this way doing pollination that is the transference of pollen grains of the male part to the female part and this way we have the fruit been formed.

At the moment we can find in parts of the orchard lychees that have already started to be developed, it is small, green, and in a few days will get bigger and mature.

The harvest season has been long awaited. Red Lychee’s fruit has been well known for size, weight, intense color, all the intensive care that the orchard receives during the year and the quality standards.

The next phase that should be expected is: development of the fruits. In this phase the fruit becomes bigger, the shape will be defined and it will finally happen the maturation, have said that, soon will be the time Red Lychee clients have the best lychees on their table.

With big satisfaction the harvest has been prepared during the year. Red Lychee has been doing analyses, tests to improve the process and also have the guarantee to deliver the best fruits, the packing house has been renewing to increase the food safety and also give to our team a better place to work. Red Lychee 2020 season is near and we have been working to make it prosper.

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