The Olhos D’água Farm has been in the same Family for over 6 decades and has over 280 acres.

We are passionate about flora and fauna. We know that environment challenges in the whole world has been challenging and we are committed with the environment preservation. Over 50% of the farm is preserved, we have been doing a continuous work for the reforestation of the native forest, trying to preserve the biodiversity, the whole farm is using returnable energy, most of the food that we feed the animals are produced here at Olhos D’água farm, our organic compost goes to the composting plant also we make use of biodegradable cleaning material.

Talking about our lychee orchard, today it has over 27 acres and have the irrigation has been done by micro sprinklers and neutral pH water besides the fact that we don’t have harvest all year, part of our team take good care of the orchard all year long: nutritional care is performed, water and soil analyses by an ISO17025 certified laboratory, pest control and every inch of it is clean regularly.

At the moment the biggest part of the orchard is BENGAL and a very small part is Kwai Mai Pink also known as B3.

All of our fruits are selected and packaged in our packing house, having in mind our high standards when talking about quality and client satisfaction.