Growth of the Brazilian fruit Market

Growth of the Brazilian fruit Market

Growth of the Brazilian fruit Market

The Brazilian fruit market have been developing internationally, and the exportation has grown significantly. According to the ABRAFRUTAS, the fruit export increased by 21% in volume and increased by 15% in value in the first semester os 2019.” It is the result of hard work, high quality standards and also good agricultural practices.

Our farm has expectation of excellence in our orchards daily care, including the use of performance standard and quality monitoring in every operation.

And striving for the best lychees RED LYCHEE developed a special way of cultivating: the orchard irrigation has been done with neutral pH water, the soil and water analysis have been performed by a ISO 17025 certified lab and according to the results, corrections are done if needed; also, there is a brix control before picking, besides color and size analysis in our packing house, to get the best fruit to export. Finally our team check the packaging which plays a great role on the fruit shelf life-avoiding oxidization.

We are working out different packages based on researches of new plastics and also on sustainability to make sure the fruit will arrive at the destination in the best conditions.

In order to longer the lychee SHELF LIFE we are investing in special researches as the use of Ethylene absorbent sachet as well as breathable packaging films – Modified Atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Another key point is RED LYCHEE shipment. We only work with air freight to keep the fruit quality and freshness since WE DO NOT TREAT WITH SULFUR. Our fruit is natural!

Usually other countries have a sea shipment which is cheaper but requires a chemical treatment (usually with sulfur) for the fruit last through! This sulfur treated fruit is generally yellowish in color and has a different flavor, with no acidity, less sweetness and also lower nutricional values.

Red lychee main goal is to keep our lychees arriving with the best quality to our customers wherever you are in the world!

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