Good agricultural practices

Good agricultural practices

Good agricultural practices

Brazil is big in agriculture, but it is important to all make sure that the good agriculture practices and work in a way that preserve the natural resources. Good agriculture practices are a set of protocols and technical recommendations that have as a goal increase productivity without harming the environment, animals, human life and having quality and food safety as the main goal.

Red Lychee has management measures that have to be followed for quality assurance. The company has practices to manage the soil and water resources, is needed to follow practices that mitigate risk of erosion, soil compaction and any type of contamination. A calendar of soil and water analyses has been followed to give as the granite of good quality of the resources. The good conditions of those resources have main importance since nutrient-rotten soil prevents the development of our flora. The water sources must present the standards required since the water that does not present those standards are harmful.

Sustainable practices are extremely important as well. There is a pollutant management plan where we have related all the pollutants and how it has to be managed, for example the recyclable material is donated so that it can be reused. Over 50% of the native forest is preserved at the farm and a continues reforestation work is done. A preserved area keeps the rich fauna and flora that the farm has, Red Lychee developed a wildlife preservation plan, since inside and around the property it is possible to find animals like: capybara, maned wolf that is at risk of extinction, at the farm it is possible to see: fishes, birds, turtles, mallards, geese, swans, coati, wild rabbit and others. The farm also has signs informing that hunting is not allowed.

Red Lychee has implanted many good practices to make sure the quality of our lychees. The professionals are qualified, the practices at the orchard are documented, we try to prevent the risks and have all written this way we can prevent those and have preventive measures is also important, thinking about the good practices Red Lychee is taking a big step and the packing house is being renovated having in mind food safety and process optimization. We are all very excited about the changes and expecting a successful crop this year.

The practices, policies and analysis of possible risks are many and we are always developing more methods to guarantee the good quality of our product having in mind a preservation of our natural resources. Those were just a few of the practices that we have at Red Lychee has done, besides that company also does practices that minimize potential contamination, pest control, hygiene methods are imposed and need to be followed. Our company is doing everything possible to present health with our lychees.

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