Red Lychee – Backstage

Red Lychee – Backstage

Red Lychee – Backstage

Red Lychee’s harvest is almost starting; however at the backstage the activities never stopped. Is not news that the company’s mission is to present health through premium lychees. Red Lychee’s fruit represents health because it has lots of vitamin C, the fruit has high water content and helps with hydration, besides very sweet the fruit has low calorie and helps to prevent cancer, those are just a few of the benefits of lychees. To produce Premium lychees and add to the benefits of the fruit is needed a high quality standard in all the process, is needed to dedicate time to such, do tests and analyze best solutions to make the company operate in a way that is close to perfection. That is the backstage of Red Lychee, work to improve the process and provide the client with the best lychee as possible.

Knowing that improvement is a continuous cycle and very important to every single company also new technologies and improvement in the processes. This year as an example, Red Lychee’s packing house is undergoing a major remodeling: The packing area has been close with masonry and protection screens to increase the food safety, the time will now have a new resting area, new dining hall, office, with the negotiation increasing now Red Lychee has and meeting room besides all that a lab will be implanted this way will be easy to assure the best fruit on the client’s table. All the renewal and implantation that has been done with the goal of having the best for the team Red Lychee and also the final consumer. Is important that the fruit will be the freshest, tasty and also have the best quality.

The tests to improve the processes can’t pause to achieve the continuous improvement and innovation. A big challenge for lychee producers is the shelf life of the fruit since lychees are a fruit that has an oxidation problem, always searching for more knowledge Red Lychee has been reading and studying articles about the subject.

Inspiration is important and visits were made at AGRÍCOLA FAMOSA a company that is reference in melon production visiting companies that are inspiration to make ideas come up and the processes can be improved.

Having partners that share the same values of the Red Lychee is very important and new partnerships have been made and the goal is to unveil what is not well known about lychee culture besides that it is important to maximize what can be improved.

New projects are on the way and as soon as the ideas come out and start to become reality everything will be disclosed.

On the backstage the projects have been done and all is very intense however the harvest is very expected, put into practice what it was developed and also learned during the year to reap the rewards of all the effort and dedication.

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