Get to know Fazenda Olhos D’Água and understand why we strive for excellence in cultivation, as premium lychee, and in the conservation and protection of nature.


With more than 280 hectares (2.800.000m²), Olhos D'Água Farm has been in the family since 1955.

Fauna and Flora

Its fauna counts on diverse aquatic species, birds, wild and exotic animals. As for its flora, there are more than 200 fruit trees of different species.


4.000 lychee fruit trees (Bengal and B3 species) divided into three orchards. Striving for more and more excellence in the cultivation of this premium fruit.


More than 20 species, including local varieties such as Traíra, Tilapia, Pacu, Tambaqui, Dourado, Matrinxã, Pirarara, among others.

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